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Concealed Carry Gun
San Antonio, Texas


National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers


Our focus is on instruction that ensures all-encompassing perspectives and sensitivity to participants needs.
That's why we have both female and male NRA Certified instructors and NRA Certified Range Safety Officers present at every one of our classes.


We are no longer offering New Mexico Concealed Handgun License (NMCHL) instruction.  We truly thank each and everyone of our past participants in helping our classes accomplish the following:

We are currently referring past participants to for their New Mexico Concealed Handgun License 2 Year Re-Qualification and / or 4 Year Renewals, and to Add a Category or Caliber to their current license.  You can contact New Mexico Guns on-line at or or email at, or by telephone at 505-363-9419.

Members of:
National Rifle Association - NRA
 - Life Member National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSFNew Mexico Shooting Sports  Association - NMSSA - Life Member  | 
New Mexico Gun Collectors Association - NMGCA  - Life Member  |  NRA Whittington Center - Life Member  |

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